How do you ship your beef?

April 21, 2021

How do you ship your beef?

Will my beef arrive frozen? How is it packed? Can I place it back in the freezer? We frequently get asked how we ship our beef. Today I will share some information regarding how we package and ship our ranch direct, dry-aged, Nebraska beef from our ranch to your plate!


D&D Beef is processed in a USDA Inspected facility where it is frozen and labeled appropriately. We ship this beef to you at the beginning of the week to help ensure it arrives to you in a timely manner. 

Your D&D Beef order will be shipped in a custom designed insulated shipping box with an eco friendly liner. We hope that all meats will arrive frozen but sometimes it may arrive partially thawed. Be aware that thawing can occur due to weather, shipping delays or small orders that do not fill a box. All meat should arrive “cool to the touch” or at refrigerator temperature. Once you receive your beef, place in refrigerator or freezer immediately upon arrival. Even if your beef is partially thawed, you can place it back in the freezer - it will not affect the quality of your beef!

We package your beef with Dry Ice. This keeps your beef frozen during shipment but does dissipate during shipment. Meaning it may be gone when you receive your order but your beef is still frozen, it isn't a magic trick!

***Dry Ice Caution*** It is normal for the dry ice to have dissipated during shipping. Use protective gloves to handle dry ice, or allow it to dissipate on its own. Avoid contact with bare skin. 

You will receive an email confirming your order was placed and shipped. A shipping tracking number will be sent when your order is processed. 

Unfortunately, we cannot ship our beef boxes to P.O. Boxes. D&D Beef products are shipped via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.



Does somebody need to be home to accept delivery?

Our boxes do not require a signature upon delivery.



How will my order arrive? Is it frozen?

D&D Beef is frozen, vacuum sealed, and labeled at a USDA processing facility. The meat is shipped within a custom designed insulated box and packed with dry ice.

The beef should arrive frozen or partially frozen with ice crystals still visible or at least refrigerator cold – below 40 degrees F as measured with a food thermometer. Beef should be placed in the freezer or refrigerator immediately upon arrival.


When will my order arrive? Where can I view my shipping information?

Our ranch direct beef is shipped to your door on Mondays.

In the event of a holiday during the shipping week or if there is an unforeseen event that causes a delay, we may ship on a different day. Shipping times are dependent on your zip code and transit time.

Once your order is in transit you will receive an email with the tracking number.

All of our boxes are packaged with a specific amount of dry ice, which is calculated based on your geographic location/transit time. The dry ice may be completely evaporated when delivered on the guaranteed date, but your beef should still be frozen or cold to the touch/at a safe temperature for freezing. Orders are packed to sustain their frozen state up to the guaranteed delivery date.

We suggest that you use your home address for shipping to avoid any shipping issues/delays due to limited business hours and closures due to holidays. Once your order is in transit you will receive an email with the tracking number.

Please check your spam folder if you believe your order has shipped and you have not received tracking information. 


How do I safely handle/dispose of the dry ice?

Each order from D&D Beef contains Dry Ice. The bag that contains the dry ice is clearly labeled with a black and white sticker. In the event that your order was handled roughly handled, it is possible for the dry ice to shift during transit and some may fall out of the bag.

You should always wear gloves and protective clothing when handling dry ice. Prolonged contact with skin can cause injury.


Safe handling tips:

  • Dispose of unneeded dry ice by letting the unused portion sublimate in a well-ventilated area. Please be sure that you do not leave this in a public area or area where it can be accessed by children or pets.
  • You should never dispose of dry ice in a sink, toilet or other device. This can destroy the structure because of the temperature difference.
  • Do not place dry ice on a tiled or solid surface counter top as the extreme cold will cause damage.
  • Do not dispose of dry ice in the trash or garbage.

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