About D&D Beef

We are a family owned ranch located in Washington County, Nebraska raising registered Angus and Red Angus cattle, our herd consists of superior genetics providing phenomenal flavor, marbling, and tenderness in our beef. We are a seed-stock herd, meaning ranchers buy our bulls to breed their cows. Each animal of our herd is registered to their respective breed Association and has meticulous data collected from birth. Why does this matter? We have been collecting data on each animal in our herd for years, enabling us to provide you with the best beef possible.
We take great pride in our operation, providing you with the knowledge of exactly where your steak comes from. Not only to provide you with the comfort of ranch to plate beef but also a product that does not lack in flavor, tenderness and overall eating experience.
Our cattle are born and raised on our ranch where they are pasture raised (grass fed) and grain finished. We strive to produce humanely raised beef that are cared for by us from birth to butcher. We pride ourselves in the care and compassion we treat each individual animal with. Our family works tirelessly to provide our customers with the best tasting beef on the market.
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D&D Beef - Why the D's?

Dan and Duane, my father and grandfather, created D&D Cattle Company when Dan wanted to transition their herd to purebred cattle and ventured into selling replacement quality animals. When I decided to pursue selling our dry-aged, ranch direct beef, I wanted to stay true to where it all started. Anyone who knew my grandpa or knows my dad understands the true passion they have for cattle. The lengths they go to for each animals health and well-being cannot be matched.
My Grandpa Duane started selling beef to friends and family over 60 years ago, a tradition I am grateful to continue on today.
Helen & Duane Braesch

About Michaela

Michaela started D&D Beef as the demand for our ranch direct beef continued to grow through family and friends. Though you may see her face the most on social media, at events, or when picking up your ranch direct beef, there is a family behind our operation and without them we would not be able to provide you with the best beef possible!