Hanging Tender Steak

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Hanger steaks are similar in marbling to more expensive cuts like a Ribeye or New York Strip. It is known for it's rich flavor and tenderness - we only get one per animal! 

Running down the middle of this steak is a long membrane - make sure you cut this part out so that the center of your steak isn't chewy. 

If you are looking for some cooking tips for this great cut of beef, we suggest checking out www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com

~.9 -1 lb

From our Ranch to Your Plate

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Born and Raised in One Location

100% D&D Beef - Registered Angus and Red Angus beef

Pasture Raised, Grain Finished

Dry Aged for 21 days

BQA Certified – Beef Quality Assurance – For more information about this certification, click here.

Our cattle are DNA Tested and Ultra-sounded for Carcass Quality

Federally Inspected and Labeled