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Frequently Asked Questions

What butcher do you use?

ASC Locker is a family owned and operated butcher in West Point, NE. The Koch family opened their federally inspected locker in 2013. They take great pride in their business and we enjoy working with a great company.


What do you feed your cattle?

Our cattle are pasture raised and grain finished. Our calves are born on pasture and enjoy the grass between their hooves for as long as the weather allows it! When winter comes, we supplement our cattle with some grain however they have free choice to grass/alfalfa hay all day long! Cattle are supplemented with grain to meet their energy and nutritional requirements during the winter. When snow falls, cattle can have a hard time "busting" through the snow to graze any grass that would be left (which isn't high in nutrients at this time). It is important to supplement them with both hay and some grain to provide them with the energy the need to stay warm in the winter. 

At finishing (when the cattle are consuming more grain) they will continue to have full access to hay. They choose what they want to eat and when. 

Do you treat with antibiotics?

Our cattle are only administered antibiotics when they are sick or injured. Examples of antibiotic use are pinkeye, a respiratory infection, or injury. Our cattle health is our top priority and we treat each animal humanely and provide them with the best care possible.


Are hormones used?

We choose to not implant our cattle with hormones. If you would like to learn more information regarding hormones used in beef cattle production, click here

How is D&D Beef Shipped?

We currently ship our packages approximately 7-14 days following your order via FedEx, USPS, or UPS, whichever courier is faster while simultaneously keeping costs low for our customers. Each shipment is packaged with dry ice to keep the items chilled or frozen. (Our cured meats box, beef sticks and jerky, may be shipped on dry ice or ice packs.) If you will not be home at time of arrival, please make plans for someone to keep your shipment cold until you return. You will receive shipment notifications via email.

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