Moving Veterans Forward Box - Donation

$75.00 USD

Moving Veterans Forward box is 10 or 20 lbs of D&D Beef (an assortment of ground beef and roast) that will be donated to Veterans in Nebraska and Iowa. When you place this order, I will personally deliver your order to Ron (Veteran and Founder of Moving Veterans Forward) who will then distribute to the veterans in need.

**I have been donating beef to this great local organization for over a year and they are in need of our help. Currently, they are moving in 6 to 8 veterans a week!

Moving Veterans Forward is dedicated to helping homeless Veterans in Iowa and Nebraska to get placed in homes. The main goal is to give these veterans the boost that they need to turn themselves around to become self-sufficient. 100% of all donations we receive go towards helping our Veterans.

Moving Veterans Forward is run by an ALL VOLUNTEER team with the sole mission of assisting America’s Veterans who have fallen victim to the vast problems that affect many of those who serve our great nation.

If you want to donate money to this great organization, here is the link to learn how.